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You see me as a real threat in future – Big Eye Starboss stings Eddy Kenzo again

Big Eye tears Eddy Kenzo into pieces

Singer Big Eye Starboss real name Ibrahim Mayanja has again hit at Eddy Kenzo saying he sees him as a threat in the future.

Eddy Kenzo and Big Eye were friends for a long time. It was mostly revealed by Big Eye who posted photos with Eddy Kenzo in hard and happy times.

The last time things seemed to be going sour was when Big Eye went to perform at Eddy Kenzo’s festival and he misbehaved on stage wanting to fight.

Next time he was heard in the media putting Eddy Kenzo down after he lost a Grammy Award. Big Eye said Eddy Kenzo is very selfish and he only wants the good for himself not anyone else.

When Eddy Kenzo refused to respond to him, Big Eye is continuing to hit him saying the reason why he hates him yet he is more successful is because he sees him as a threat.

Husband material hitmaker said hating on him by a successful person is even a sign of respect to him although people don’t realize it.

“ Be grateful when people who think they are more successful than you hate on you. It’s a sign of respect! They see you as a real threat and future competition,” Big Eye Starboss

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