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“I don’t know Isma Olaxess, I have even never heard about his name,” Sheebah

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Singer Sheebah Karungi has distanced herself from knowing motormouthed blogger Jajja Ichuli also known as Isma Olaxess.

Isma has been throwing jabs at Sheebah through his social media platforms. He has been making live videos attacking the singer and putting her down.

Sheebah as usual gives less attention to social media blogs and other people that talk about her.

In a recent interview, Sheebah revealed that she has never heard anyone call Isma Olaxess or even what he has said.

She said she has been getting people to come to her telling her that he said certain things but because she is busy looking for money, she hasn’t given him time to even know more about him.

Beautiful Sheebah said things that don’t add anything to her life and don’t give her hard time and Jajja Ichuli is one of those things and those people.

“I don’t know who Jjaja Ichuli is, I have even never heard about his name. It is okay for him to say whatever he wants because I am sure he doesn’t add anything to my life and my career so he has nothing to do with me,” Sheebah said

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