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Home Entertainment Former NTV star Robin Kisti reveals why she prefers dating young men

Former NTV star Robin Kisti reveals why she prefers dating young men

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Media personality Robin Kisti has revealed why she prefers dating younger men.

Kisti is a single mother of four children in her 30s. But throughout her love life, she has been dating men who are much younger than her.

In her last relationship, she was with a 23 year old boyfriend who she said was the love of her life and understood her better than any other person.

However, the relationship didn’t last long. Last year it all ended in tears and Robin Kisti was left cursing why she decided to be in love.

According to Kisti, life was hard in her previous relationship but she is not giving up. She still has a thing for the younger boys because they are her vibe.

Outspoken Robin Kisti said she has nothing to do with older men after all her size also looks very young.

“I will not stop dating younger boys. Having a difficult relationship last year doesn’t change anything, I know it was hard but still, I am not in for an old man. I will still date the young ones because I also look like young people not my age,” Robin Kisti said.

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