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Buchaman begs Government to legalize weed smoking

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Presidential Envoy on Ghetto Affairs advisor Mark Bugembe also known as Buchaman has asked the government to legalize ‘Weed smoking’ in the country.

Buchaman wants marijuana legalized for purposes of medication and he cites it helps in the treatment of several illnesses and other health concerns.

He has backed the legalization of marijuana in defense of singer Omutume Planet’s trending song dubbed “Chai Wenjaye” which is rocking the airwaves.

For a long time, Buchaman has distanced marijuana from drugs. He always says it is a medicine and people shouldn’t feel bad for taking it.

He further said that some people who use it never get sick at all and their immunity is always at its best but the government doesn’t know that.

“Government needs to legalize marijuana because it is a medicine not a drug like people say. I know people that have never fallen sick because of using it and those that have fallen sick and got cured because of it,” Buchaman said.

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