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Home Entertainment Karole Kasita deletes ‘dirty content’ off her Instagram, here’s why

Karole Kasita deletes ‘dirty content’ off her Instagram, here’s why

Meet singer Karole Kasita's baby boy, real father of her newborn still a mystery

Singer Karole Kasita has cleaned her Instagram upon welcoming her first child with fellow singer, rapper Feffe Bussi.

Kasita gave birth in early February to a bouncing baby boy. Like any other parent, a child is pure and a blessing but Karole Kasita took it to another world.

Being an artiste, Karole Kasita used to post all her life on Instagram. Even those photos that were not that appealing were posted for her fans to see.

Wanting to be a good mother, Karole Kasita has now decided to delete most of the photos that were not good on her Instagram.

She did this after giving birth and she hasn’t given the reasons behind it at all.

Other female artistes delete the photos when they break up with their lovers or get misunderstandings with their friends. Kasita deleted them after welcoming her son.

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