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Rasing diva Ava Peace opens up about feeding her beans to singer Mudra

Rasing diva Ava Peace breaks silence on feeding her beans to singer Mudra

Upcoming singer Ava Peace has revealed her relationship with fellow singer Mudra D Viral. She said they are just “best friends” and nothing beyond that connects them.

Ava Peace made this statement after Mudra promised her a collaboration at her graduation ceremony and after a week he jumped into the studio to full fill it.

In the entertainment industry, they are always relationships going on. Most of them are kept private and denied while in the public.

For young beautiful girls like Ava Peace who join the industry are often used and sometimes left heartbroken.

With her recent closeness with Mudra D Viral, Ava Peace cleared the air that nothing is going on between them. She said they are best friends because Mudra D Viral is close to her manager.

Ava Peace said the reason why they are best friends is that Mudra D Viral is very intelligent and humble.

“Mudra D Viral is a good friend to me, he’s a very humble and intelligent man. We are just best friends,” – Ava Peace.

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