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“The devil in Vyper Ranking story is an angel in my mine,” Singer An-known

An-known - With Bad Black who featured as a vixen in his 'Tonelabira' song. [File Photo]

Singer Prosper An-known has commented on Vyper Ranking’s story with MC Kats saying the devil in fellow singer’s story is an angel in his story.

An-known rose to fame during Covid-19 time and fans were scared that after Covid-19 he may not be able to stay on top of his game.

But he has proved his fans wrong as he has continued to release hit songs despite the doubt.

As An-known was rising to fame, he didn’t struggle so much as many artistes do because the media was looking for him instead of him looking for them. He revealed that MC Kats played a key role in his success.

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An-known said he feels bad for Vyper Ranking because music is a very dirty game full of the devil.

“I feel bad for @vyperrankingmusic music is a dirty game yo,😕 But as well I feel disturbed because the devil in his story is an angel in my story “ Prosper An-known.

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