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Vivian Tendo opens up on her recent engagement with sugar daddy

VIDEO: Vivian Tendo is off the shelf, meet boyfriend who proposed to her with beautiful ring

Singer Vivian Tendo has opened up about her recent engagement with her sugar daddy, Moses Tinsely which happened a few months ago. [Read story Here].

Vivian Tendo is one of the most beautiful female artistes in Uganda and is very young. She joined the music industry while still at the University and she recently graduated from the University.

Being in the limelight and getting so much attention, most female artistes find it hard to get married or even get committed to one man.

But at a young age, Vivian Tendo decided to settle down with Moses Tinsely who is like a sugar daddy to her early this year.

The proposal was very private but photos found their way to the media and people got to know about it. The man that Vivian Tendo got engaged with is not in the limelight, he is more into business and other things.

According to Vivian Tendo, she is not a relationship person and that’s why she opted for marriage at a very young age. She said marriage will not stop her career or any other thing.

Talented Vivian Tendo confirmed that it wasn’t a video shoot, the proposal was very real and people should only wait for the introduction ceremony.

“I was recently engaged to my fiance although I heard people say it is a video shoot. It wasn’t a shoot people should know I am not the kind of person that is more on social media and I am not looking for likes. The one you saw is my man and soon we shall have an introduction ceremony,” Vivian Tendo.

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