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I drank too much alcohol to escape marriage – Rahma Pinky

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Rising young female artiste Rahmah Pinky has narrated how she got away with forced marriage on her wedding day.

Rahmah Pinky was 17 years of age when her parents decided to marry her off to a 50-year-old man.

The mysterious man had promised Rahmah Pinky’s parents that he was going to look after her, pay her fees for her remaining education level, and also take her to the USA for a better life.

Like any other parent who wishes their children the best, the wedding ceremony was organized, and few people were invited.

Pinky who was still under age also looked for her own ways to run away from the marriage and the only thing she could find was alcohol.

Although she is a Muslim, Pinky took too much alcohol that debt her to the hospital. However, despite all her tricks, her parents insisted and the ceremony went on as per the plans.

She had to find another way to get out of the saga. When she went to change the dress, she ran off and never returned to the tent hence stopping the marriage ceremony.

She said her mother was the one in agreement with the man yet she (Pinky) wasn’t ready or even willing to be in marriage at a very young age.

“When I was 17 years after my form six my parents wanted to marry me off to the old man. I never wanted but I had nothing to do. I tried to drink the day before so that when I get sick everything stops but it went on. My makeup was done when I was on drip but still I managed to run away in the middle of the party. That’s how I survived forced early marriage,” Rahma Pinky said

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