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Home Entertainment Buchaman praises Alien Skin despite raising star’s alleged misconduct

Buchaman praises Alien Skin despite raising star’s alleged misconduct

Alien Skin
Alien Skin

Buchaman praises Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin despite the raising star’s alleged misconduct by the media.

Alien has lately been battling with the media after he was allegedly said to have involved himself in fightings with a club bouncer and failing to perform where he was fully paid and causing chaos with his gang wherever he happens to be.

After this covering up all media platforms, Buchaman has come out to defend Alien Skin saying he is a true ghetto Commander because he does right moving with a gang of people.

“In the ghetto we have commanders and Alien Skin is a commander, he has to move with a gang of people because that’s what ghetto rules are,” Said Buchaman.

Blogger Isma Olaxess who is currently in Dubai has also praised Alien Skin saying he loves him as a person and his music but all he hates about him is his bad manners.

“When I criticize you, you think I don’t like you, I like Alien Skin and his music, but I don’t like his manners,” Olaxess said.

He also went ahead and asked him to wait for him at the airport because he his bringing him a gift.

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