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Home Entertainment “I pray for my daughters to do well & succeed,” Pastor Bujjingo

“I pray for my daughters to do well & succeed,” Pastor Bujjingo

VIDEO: Pastor Bujjingo speaks his heart as he finally forgives his children with legal wife Teddy Naluswa

Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo of House of Prayer Ministries International finally forgives his children with ex-wife Teddy Naluswa.

Teddy Naluswa and Pastor Bujjingo officially separated in 2019 and Pastor Bujjingo even filed for divorce. Unfortunately, the wife refused it and at the moment it’s still pending.

During that period of separation, Pastor Bujjingo’s daughters were not happy with him and they made some comments about him saying he no longer looks after them.

Pastor Bujjingo was angry with the daughter although they refused to apologize to him.

However, Bugingo has finally forgiven the daughters without their apology saying what happened happened and now he has nothing to do about it apart from forgiving them.

He said he will always pray for them to do well in life and he wants God t to see them in everything they are doing.

“I have forgiven my daughters I know they said what they said out of anger but in front of God I still love them the way I did. What happened we are now in the new chapter of our lives and the only thing I can do is pray for my daughters to do well and succeed,” Pastor Bugingo said.

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