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How Kyambogo University Student Dropped Out of School After Winning 200 Million

Ambrose Katusabe, a second-year student at Kyambogo University has quit school after winning over 200 million from Clean Odds Fixed Games.

Ambrose, who has been toiling financially to finance his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration revealed that he finally hit his jackpot a week ago after giving it a shot and dialed the popular Clean Odds Fixed Games codes (*210*15*20# for VIP, VIP, ODD 2, Akatambula and *217*236# for FIXED GAMES TICKETS).

“I used to read so many successful stories of people winning a lot of money from Clean Odds fixed games, I was 100% hesitant to give it a try since I didn’t have enough money for tuition as well but something in me was pushing me to do it. When I dialed *210*15*20# and also advanced to fixed games by dialing *217*236# then Yes. I subscribed and received the games. The rest is history now because it was a pure success,” he revealed.

“But to be honest, I didn’t sleep well that day, I switched off my phone and woke up to check at 7am, I was scared, I was shivering, when the site was loading, my eyes were on the account balance. I shouted out so loud. After contacting Fortebet, they directed me on how I would collect the money, I went to their head office,”

Ambrose now plans to use this money positively instead of being at school.

“With this now, am going to set up something so big for me, I don’t see a reason of being at school anymore,” he said.

Whoever wants to try their luck with Clean Odds Fixed Games dialed the popular Clean Odds Fixed Games today, here are the codes. Dial *210*15*20# then YES or VIP, VIP, ODD 2, Akatambula. Dial *217*236# then YES for FIXED GAMES TICKETS.

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