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“Yes, I am proud of my bubble gum music,” Alien skin tells off critics

Alien Skin
Alien Skin

Upcoming singer Alien Skin has bragged about doing bubble gum music saying he is looking forward to releasing new music weekly.

Alien Skin became famous last year with his hit song ‘Sitys Danger’ which made its way on social media, especially TikTok.

Him as a person Alien Skin wasn’t known but with his hit song, the media started looking for him and that led to his pride and arrogance in the music industry.

Ever since Alien Skin became famous, he has been having issues with people, especially those surrounding the entertainment industry.

At first, he was so rude when he was nominated in the Galaxy Zzina Awards as the upcoming artiste saying he is not upcoming and he doesn’t want people to refer to him as an upcoming.

Now he is in the media for beating up a bouncer with his group of boys although he is denying saying he doesn’t know anything about it.

According to Alien Skin, some people in the music industry are trying to fight him. They say he does bubble gum music of which he is proud of and willing to keep doing at any time of the day.

He said his audience understands him and he hopes there will not be any problem with doing bubble gum music because they will support him.

“Yes, I am proud of my bubble gum music. I want to release music weekly because my fans like it and they are ready to support me at any time,” Alien Skin said

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