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“I still love Shasha Brighton,” Herbert Shonga reveals

Herbert Shonga

Kampala faded socialite Herbert Shonga has confessed that he still loves singer Shasha Brighton.

Shonga and Sasha started dating amidst the socialite’s divorce saga with ex-wife and baby mama Dorothy Shonga. According to reports, Sasha running to bed with Shonga prompted Dorothy who had resisted signing divorce papers to let Shonga go.

Shonga and Sasha painted Kampala red as they always shared all the good memories they shared together. However, after a year of their dating, things changed and it ended in tears. She reasons behind their split are better known by themselves as it was not clearly revealed in the media.

However, during an interview with Spark TV, Shonga disclosed that he still loves the Kawomera singer. He further said that he never managed Sasha but rather was helping her as his fiancee.

“I never signed her not even managing her music, I just helped her as my wife. I still love her and my doors will always be open to her because she is very talented and I contributed to her brand,” he added.

He says this after Shasha Brighton recently came out and revealed that she was abandoned by his baby daddy Shonga and needed help.

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