Home Entertainment Sophie Gombya trashes Omutume Planet’s song ‘Chai We Njaye’

Sophie Gombya trashes Omutume Planet’s song ‘Chai We Njaye’

Chai We Njaye by Omutume Planet | Free Download

Legendary singer and former Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Sophie Gombya has trashed the trending Omutume Planet’s song ‘Chai We Njaye’.

This song has been trending since last month. It all started on TikTok but the message in the song is not that educative.

In Uganda, artistes doing quality music have been complaining that their songs are not trending because TikTok is giving a platform to those doing funny music.

Sophie Gombya has added herself to the list of artistes that are not happy with the funny music taking over good educative songs.

According to Sophie Gombya, she doesn’t see a reason why people even like songs like ‘Chai We Njaye‘. She said the young learn a lot from the music but such songs like ‘Chai We Njaye are not good.

“If what we are singing about is ‘Chai We Njaye, what kind of message are we sending to the teenagers out there? I think artistes need to do better for now,” Sophie Gombya said.

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