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Home Entertainment “Weed isn’t that bad,” Alien Skin defends smokers

“Weed isn’t that bad,” Alien Skin defends smokers

Alien Skin
Alien Skin

Upcoming artiste Alien Skin has revealed how he is unbothered by the accusations of smoking weed live on stage.

Smoking weed is illegal in Uganda in that people that use it do it from a hidden place where they can’t be seen.

But different musicians have come out to smoke it in public and to show people that there is nothing in using drugs.

One of the artistes that surprised Ugandans by smoking weed is Ronald Mayinja who did it in public in 2021 while campaigning for president Museveni.

So many people came out and condemned his actions and right now it is the upcoming artiste Alien Skin who is trying to do the same thing of smoking in public.

According to Alien Skin, people know him and they know he grew up in the ghetto where weed is smoked everywhere. He said he is not going to hide anything from his lifestyle just because he wants to please people.

Sitya Danger hitmaker said smoking weed is not very bad and people that enjoy his music should know that he made it while smoking.

“I don’t care about what people say about me especially when it comes to smoking in public. Weed is not that bad and people should know it. As a ghetto youth smoking weed is normal and me doing it on stage is being me not pretending to be someone else,” Alien Skin said.

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