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“Show us the documents of your unfinished mansion,” Jenkins Mukasa trolls Gravity Omutujju

Gravity Omutujju shows off unfinished multi-billion mansion, haters murmur [See Photos]

Media personality and critic Jenkins Mukasa has asked singer Gravity Omutujju to show people documents of his unfinished mansion.

He said he doesn’t believe that Gravity Omutujju showed off his house here is his because the money he makes can’t build such a house.

Gravity Omutujju is one of the artistes in Uganda that has been there for so many years. But his value is not that high in terms of performances.

However, he has managed to make a lot of things from the little money he gets in music and one of those things is a house his family lives in and now another mansion.

According to Jenkins Mukasa, Ugandan artistes are living a fake life, especially on social media. They want people to think they are better yet behind cameras they are struggling.

He said for people to believe that what he is showing off is really his, he should present the documents at the same time and fans will know he is a real hustler.

“I personally don’t believe the house Gravity Omutujju showed off is his. We all know how artistes are struggling to make ends meet and you cannot tell me in this economy someone is busy building a mansion. We shall believe after seeing documents of that house,” Jenkins Mukasa said

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