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Home Entertainment “I have never been friends with Spice Diana,” Sheebah Kalungi clears air

“I have never been friends with Spice Diana,” Sheebah Kalungi clears air

Singer Sheebah Kalungi has cleared the air revealing that they have never been friends with fellow singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajjara.

Spice Diana and Sheebah’s relationship has been predicted so many times by fans. Some say they are not on good terms while others say they have never been near each other.

The first time in so many years Sheebah was seen talking to Spice Diana was last year at Spice Diana’s Album launch and the two promised to keep supporting each other.

Three months down the road, the friendship ended by Spice Diana unfollowing Sheebah and deleted off all the photos she has on her social media platforms.

According to Sheebah, she doesn’t know the reasons why she was unfollowed because when it happened she wasn’t even in the country she was in Nairobi for a birthday.

Sheebah said she wasn’t that hurt because there wasn’t a friendship between them. They were only talking and supporting each other as artistes, not friends.

“I don’t want to fake life the truth is me and Spice Diana we have never been friends. We were talking and supporting each other like any other artistes but I didn’t consider her as my friend. There is a big difference between supporting and just being friends,” Sheebah said

It should be remembered that all this started when Sheebah called out Spice Diana for arresting one of her dancers Rita just for saying something about her concert.

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