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“How can a man kiss a fellow man?” Rev. Fr. Kiibi rubbishes Chameleone’s act with brother Weasel

Reverend Father Deogratias Kiibi Kateregga has added his voice to that of Pastor Martin Ssempa to condemn the homosexual actions portrayed by singer Jose Chameleone and his brother Weasel.

Weasel and Jose Chameleone were photographed kissing each other during the Gwanga Mujje concert. The photo went viral on social media and left so many people talking.

In Africa, people of the same gender are not supposed to be kissing each other despite being biological and in church, it is also condemned.

According to Father Mukibi, it is absurd that Africans are copying the Western culture which is not good at all and will never be good.

He said no money is worth homosexuality because the problem it brings are incurable and no money can ever bring peace about it.

“I don’t know how a man can kiss a fellow man especially here in Africa. Even in the Bible the people that used to do such acts were killed or dismissed from the community they lived in. I don’t know why Africans are continuing to copy the western people in doing stupid things,” Father Kiibi said

He went ahead to ask Jose Chameleone and his brother Weasel to come out and apologize to everyone that saw them kissing and also denounce their actions because they are not pleasing.

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