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Home Entertainment “We’re an item,” Pallaso’s rumoured fiancé Ann shades light

“We’re an item,” Pallaso’s rumoured fiancé Ann shades light

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Pallaso with slay queen having good time in bed

Singer Pius Mayanja also known as Pallaso’s fiance known as Anne has unveiled herself to the public.

Pallaso has never been public with any lady in Uganda. The only woman people know is his baby mama that he left in the United States of America.

However, there are some ladies that have been rumored to be with him like Sasha Brighton although he has never said it publicly.

Currently, there is a lady who appeared in the media at the Gwanga Mujje concert saying she has been with Pallaso for six years.

She said the two have had so much fun together that she doesn’t mind other ladies who admire Pallaso or who are rumored to have had a relationship with him.

This lady known as Anne said she is also friends with Pallaso’s brother Jose Chameleone and the parents also know her as a girlfriend to their son.

“I am here to support Jose Chameleon at Gwanga Mujje concert and also watch Pallaso perform. I am a girlfriend to Pallaso and at the same time a friend to Chameleon because me and Pallaso have been lovers for more than six years,” Anne said.

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