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Ikon Awards 2024: Nigerian Actors Osita Iheme, Ramsey Nouah & Nancy Isime Jet In

As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, the iKon Awards 2024 is poised to dazzle audiences at Kampala Serena Hotel this Saturday, March 23rd, Top stars from Nigeria have landed including; Osita Iheme, Ramsey Nouah, and Nancy Isime.

The iKon Awards, renowned for spotlighting trailblazers in the cinematic realm, promises an evening of celebration and recognition. Set against the backdrop of Kampala’s cultural hub, the ceremony is primed to honor individuals who have left an indelible mark on the landscape of film and television.

Stealing the spotlight ahead of the grand affair are none other than celebrated Nigerian film icons Osita Iheme, Ramsey Nouah, and Nancy Isime. Arriving in style, they are set to infuse the event with a dose of international allure and sophistication.

A cornerstone of the iKon Awards is its dedication to acknowledging the tireless efforts of those behind the scenes. From visionary directors to masterful technicians, the awards serve as a testament to the multifaceted talent driving the industry forward.

With a guest list boasting luminaries from Uganda and beyond, the evening promises to be a glittering affair.

Among the esteemed attendees are Osita Iheme, renowned for his unforgettable portrayal of ‘Pawpaw’ in the Nigerian comedy duo, Ramsey Nouah, hailed for his versatile performances spanning diverse genres, and Nancy Isime, a rising luminary celebrated for her captivating presence on screen.

As the stage is set for a night to remember, the iKon Awards 2024 stands poised to showcase the very best in cinematic excellence, embodying the spirit of creativity, innovation, and unparalleled entertainment.

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