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“Gravity Omutujju has no moral authority to mock my blessed son,” Jose Chameleone’s father Mayanja roars

Gravity has no audacity to mock my blessed son - Chameleon’s father Mayanja roars

Singer Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleone’s father Gerald Mayanja has called out Gravity Omutujju to stop mocking his blessed son.

Chameleone’s father made this statement after Gravity Omutujju celebrated when rain collapsed the Gwanga Mujje concert stage on 10th February 2023.

Being a family with three successful musicians like Pallaso, Weasel, and Jose Chameleone himself, their father has been supportive of them for a long time.

Like any other parent, he also defends and protects them where he can despite them being adults and that’s what he did this time.

As he enjoyed the successful Gwanga Mujje concert last weekend, Chameleone’s father had interviews with the media. In those interviews, he addressed Gravity Omutujju telling him to leave his sons alone.

He said at the level Jose Chameleone is on, Gravity Omutujju has no moral authority to say anything about him or his career because he is very blessed and still moving forward.

“Who is Gravity Omutujju and how does he even talk about my blessed son Jose Chameleone. With the way they are doing their music, I don’t think Gravity has the moral authority to say anything about Jose Chameleon because he is very blessed,” Jose Chameleon’s father said

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