Home Entertainment “Am busy hustling,” Liam Voice clears air about his silence

“Am busy hustling,” Liam Voice clears air about his silence

Liam Voice asks friends not to worry about his silence as he is busy hustling

Singer Liam Voice has asked his friends not to worry about him and get angry at him if he keeps silent because he is busy hustling trying to make ends meet.

Liam Voice rose to fame during Covid19 lockdown and fortunately, he has worked so hard to maintain his fame and music after Covid 19.

Like any other hustling person, they tend to spend most of their time working and making money. That makes their friends and close people think they are avoiding them.

Liam Voice is trying to make his people understand that he still loves them despite being quiet because it is the hustle making him that way.

He said he hopes everyone understands that he is fighting some battles they can’t see to make his family happy.

“I hope our friends understand that we are growing and things won’t be the same anymore. We are busy with these unforgiving hustles of life, these are critical years that need us to focus, this age needs our full attention if we sleep on it now, we might sleep on our future forever. So when I go silent on you sometimes just know I am busy trying to win wars my parents never won, there is a lot you can not see,”

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