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“You’ve Many Women You Can Chew, Leave Mine Alone,” Singer Grenade’s Life in Danger for B0nk!ng Angel

Several times, celebrated singer Grenade Official real name Ndugwa Deus is in hot soup for seducing another man’s woman.

According to rising artist, Last Born Music, Grenade is on the neck of his girlfriend yearning to chew her bean.

While on an interview on NTV’s The Beat show at Club Guvnor, Last Born asked the city-shape shooter to get over his girlfriend he identified by one name, Angel.

“Grenade, please leave my girlfriend alone. You see, when we are starting music, we the upcoming musicians, get those ladies who fund our music so that we succeed but those established ones still come and steal them from us.

“So Grenade, kindly request you to leave my girlfriend Angel alone”. Last Born said.

Last Born Music

Last Born further stated that Grenade should leave his girlfriend alone because he has enough rich sugar Mammies who can satisfy him and find his music.

“Grenade, you have an endless list of sugar Mammies who can fund you and your music, please leave mine alone,” Last Born added.

Grenade is yet to respond to Last Born allegations.

However, this is not the first saga involving Grenade chewing another man’s woman, the most popular war was between him and Ex-convicted Marcus Ali Lwanga also God’s God’s Plan fighting over socialite Sheilah Gashumba.

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