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“It was in self defense,” Alien Skin defends self on breaking club bouncer’s jaw

Raising star Alien Skin on wanted list after beating up club bouncer to pulp

Upcoming singer Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin is unbothered by the night club bouncer’s accusations claiming that he and his other friends beat him to a pulp.

Club Vox bounce identified as Tony Ntale said that the artiste was with his 15 friends and they started beating him like a snake and they ended up breaking his jaws.

This bouncer was in the hospital seeking medical attention saying he is also going to to go the police to report the case against Alien Skin.

Without taking only one side, the media looked for Alien Skin and asked him about the incident of which he said he did what he did to protect himself.

According to “Sitya Danger” hitmaker, these bouncers kill artistes and are not held accountable. Instead of waiting to be killed, he had to protect himself earlier by fighting back.

“The incident that happened was in self defense. People like me who don’t move with professional bouncers, I have to protect myself. Different artistes are killed by these club bouncers but as a ghetto youth I have to defend myself,” Alien Skin said.

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