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Don’t break your spinal cord to satisfy men in bed, they will always cheat – Prima Kardashi tips ladies

Meet Geosteady's baby mama who has left Prima Kardashi talking in tongues

Geosteady’s ex-wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi has given fellow ladies advice not to break their spinal cords pleasing men in bed because they will always cheat.

She said this a few days after exposing her ex-baby daddy Geosteady on social media talking of how he was sleeping around with different girls. [Read Story Here].

Prima and Geosteady were together for more than 10 years but the two called it quits in 2019 when Geosteady got another lady pregnant.

When they broke up, Geosteady started dating the receptionist of the studios he owned with Prima Kardashi and went ahead to flash her on social media praising her for the good things she has done for him.

Forgetting what Prima Kardashi did for him and how far they came as a couple, she has now remained ar advising girls not to do the mistakes she did.

According to Prima, nothing can stop a man from cheating. Even when they are given wild styles in bed, they will still go out to sleep with other ladies.

She told girls to reserve themselves and not waste a lot of energy on men because they are disappointing.

“These Men will still cheat. Aunty don’t break your spinal cord ati___ giving him sex style,” Prima Kardashi posted.

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