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TRENDING: Woman Wins Shs324 Million From Fixed Sports Betting

A woman in Hoima has won a whopping UGX324 million from sports betting with a stake of only Shs100,000 thanks to odds provided by Clean Odds.

Stella, a factory worker joined the Clean Odds Betting tips and fixed games by Pressing *210*15*20# then Yes, and *217*236# then Yes in a bid to try her luck in gambling since she was struggling financially. Her prayers were answered when she finally asked for a bigger odd and risked her hard-earned money to stake.

According to Stella, she subscribed to the FIXED TICKET by *217*236# then Yes. She decided to buy a FIXED TICKET from the many selections.

She confessed that she had never won any bet ever since she started betting and now believes that winning a lot of money exists in betting.

She says she had spent over 1m in gambling but only used to win a maximum of Shs100,000. She now says that she is no longer going to be employed, rather, she wants to be an employer.

Stella urgued her fellow women and those who want to change there lives to use Clean Odds to start winning big from betting.

“My fellow women and those who has never won in betting try using Clean Odds so that you start making real money from betting. Just get your phone, put small airtime and PRESS *210*15*20# then Yes or buy FIXED GAMES like the way I did by PRESSING *217*236# then YES. You will thank me later,” Stell said during an interview with a Hoima based radio.

Clean Odds, has for the past few years helped struggling gamblers reclaim what they lost in Betting and many have come out publicly to make a confession and thank Clean Odds

They have packages ranging from free tips to ordinary, VIP, VVIP, ODD 2, Akatambula, Normal, Special, Mast WIN, and more. Their fixed games have odds ranging from 200 and above and to access them, one has to pay a lifetime membership fee of 1 million

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