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Sizza Man outlines reasons for Uganda’s Music industry decline

Sizzaman reveals why he doesn't release music

UK based faded singer Sizza Man has revealed reasons why Uganda’s Music Industry has continued to decline day by day.

Sizza Man is one of the artistes that used to have hit songs eight years ago. But after struggling, he decided to move out of Kampala to look for greener pastures.

As he has returned to the country finding the young generation has taken over the industry, the only thing he is remaining with is criticize.

According to Sizza Man, the music industry was great in their times and people valued it more but ever since he left, the industry hasn’t grown at all.

According to Sizza Man, he says he is the dictionary of dancehall music in Uganda. He said everyone is falling into his footsteps although they are not doing it rightly.

He added that the reason why the music industry has declined is because he left yet he was one of the trendsetters in the industry.

“I’m the dictionary, everyone doing dancehall music is in my template. The music industry has declined because people like me who were trendsetters stopped doing music,”  Sizza Man.

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