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“Why stage competition against the dead?” MP Nambooze trashes Eddy Kenzo over comments on late Bongoley Lutaaya

Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Hon Betty Nambooze has blasted Eddy Kenzo for staging a competition with the late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya.

Philly Bongoley died years ago but like any other good artistes they never die for good. Their music keeps their legacy moving forward. For Philly, Eddy Kenzo decided to re-do his song Born in Africa so that more people can get to know about it than they did.

But fans didn’t receive the new version of Eddy Kenzo well saying he didn’t do justice to it forcing him to make certain statements that ain’t right

Eddy Kenzo said he is better than Philly Lutaaya and alot of Ugandans were not happy with him like Bruno K, Irene Ntale, and Big Eye Starboss among others saying the song was very poor, but others appreciated his effort.

However, disappointed Betty Nambooze intervenes and questions why did Eddy Kenzo mime Lutaaya’s song and stage a competition with him yet he is dead?

She said it’s unfair because the late Bongoley Lutaaya can’t defend himself and Eddy Kenzo needs to style up.

“Naye banange, so why mime his” little songs”. And how unfair it is for one to stage a competition with a dead. so how is Philly Lutaaya supposed to defend his title? Eddy Kenzo, amalala gegakulembeera ekiggwo brother, style-up.” Hon Betty Nambooze tweeted.

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