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U can’t compare your music to Philly Bogoley Lutaaya’s – Isma Olaxess continues to lecture Eddy Kenzo

U can't compare your music to Philly Bogoley Lutaaya's - Isma Olaxess continues to Lecture Eddy Kenzo

As the battle between Eddy Kenzo and Philly Bogoley Lutaaya’s diehards continues online, Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi is also not holding on lecturing the Grammy nominee about the uniqueness of the late’s music compared to his.

He says Kenzo shouldn’t at anytime start comparing his music to Philly because until now his music still vibes in all ears even when it’s been 30 years down the road since his music was released.

Olaxess continuously says that he is not beefing on the singer but rather saying the truth. On that saying that all his songs are meaningless.

“Eddy Kenzo songs are meaningless and no one is beefing on you,” he said.

Since this scandal began late last week, Isma Olaxess has been one of the few known people that have opened up to Kenzo about his said-to-be bad music in the industry and advised him to style up if possible.

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