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“Don’t ever speak ill about Philly Bongoley Lutaaya, you’re just a mediocre,” Irene Ntale bashes Eddy Kenzo

Vocalist and singer Irene Ntale is one of the many Ugandan artistes who openly showed the public that she wasn’t really happy with the Big Talent Entertainment boss’s statement about the late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya and his music.

Recently, while hosting a press conference at Cubana Bar and Lounge, Munyonyo, the Sitya Lose singer went ahead and underrated the late singer and his music in the name of respecting him and a reason for re-doing his song Born in Africa.

Miss Ntale showing her side on the issue made Kenzo’s diehards online go bare knuckles on her saying she’s just faded, and jealousy and that’s why she’s is saying all these about their role model.

However, this didn’t stop her from proving a point to them. Through her posts on Twitter, she replied to one of Kenzo’s tweets where he was alerting his fans on his new tune still in the studio and told him how much she loves him and warning him never to speak ill about the late.

“My dear nkwagala nyo Naye Philly Lutaaya todangamu mwogerako bwotyo! Ffe ababadde tukwenyumirizamu Atte watwewunyisiza! Peace and love. Also your fans are attacking nti I’m jealous simanya faded but I stand on my word! Peace and love. Kale bwebyo ebyange” Irene Ntale replied.

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