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“I’ve never met any beautiful & sweet woman like Hindu,” Geosteady praises new wife

Singer Geosteady swears to love only one woman, here she's

Through his social pages, Geosteady has praised his wife Hindu revealing that he’s the most beautiful and sweet woman he has ever met in his entire life.

Prima’s baby daddy confirms his love for his wife Hindu after netizens went row on him on his recent posts where he battled with Prima Kardashi in a way of proving points towards each other on media.

In his posts, he also promises to be off Facebook because of his much love for his wife.

“Hindu is the most beautiful in and out the special woman I’ve ever met in my life. She has brought peace and happiness that I lost many years ago and becoz of her, I Love Her😍. Sir but I’m off Facebook becoz I Love her.

“Mugenda kwatika, mukungane,muvume, mulwane,musomese respect ba maama, ba sister,ba Aunt naye byonna tebikyusa nti njagala Hindu.

“People have come, people have gone and what matters now is that small woman to me and she’s the reason I come out of every situation alive and not depressed. You won’t understand but I love her. A lot to keep as secrets and maybe you will never know but I wish you would.

“The problem here is that most of you are so understanding and it’s hard to take in every nonsense.” He posted.

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