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Nince Henry lists his real friends in Uganda’s music industry, rubbishes Spice Diana

A Pass bashes Nince Henry for claiming he doesn't know how to sing, brands him ‘Miss Henry’
A Pass - Nince Henry

Different artistes have been complaining about each other saying some of them are very fake and users. Some have even included witchcraft while others have publically mentioned names and abused each other on social media and in public.

It’s against the background that singer and songwriter Nince Henry has listed the names of his real friends in Uganda’s Music industry.

According to ‘killer portion’Cinderllera’ hitmaker, Pallaso, Feffe Bussi, Bebe Cool, A Pass, Aganaga, Gravity, and himself are real friends to befriend in the industry.

“In the industry, these are the people who are the perfect material for real friendship!
Bebe cool
Feffe Bussi
A Pass
Nince Henry
Kalifah AgaNaga
When you have one as a friend, you know you have a real friend! Those guys are the real ones. Pick one and thank me later!” Nince Henry said.

"Am more than ready," Spice Diana promises magnificent performance at her forthcoming concert
Spice Diana

However, what shocked many is Nince henry not including Spice Diana on the list. It should be remembered that the two were close pals throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. He wrote hit songs for her and released masterpieces together. The phenomenal writer also didn’t attend her show that happened lately.

What went wrong between them is still a mystery.

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