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“No one is interested in your stupid public drama,” Kakwenza blasts Geosteady and baby mama Prima

SCREENSHOTS: Geosteady tears Prima Kardashi into pieces exposing all her dirty secrets

Poet and politician Kakwenza Rukirabashaija has called out controversial couple singer Geosteady and ex-wife Prima Kardashi for engaging in stupid public engagements.

This came after Prima and Geosteady exposed all their dirty secrets on social media leaving nothing to the imagination.

Some people were enjoying the arguments and hyping them to say more but Kakwenza, was so much disgusted by the actions.

According to Kakwenza, there is too much foolishness on social media these days, especially about relationships.

He said his only advice to people is to date, chew, divorce or break up in privacy because no one is interested in knowing more.

Kakwenza called all these engagements on social media stupid and full of emotional recriminations.

“Too much relationship foolishness on social media of late. As a senior Kojja, I advise you to; date privately, chews privately, and divorce/separate/break up secretly. No one is interested in your stupid public engagements and separation characterized by emotional recriminations,” Kakwenza posted.

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