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“I still love Mr. Henrie but I don’t miss him,” Prima Kardashi brags

I miss Prima Kardashi & the children – Mr. Henrie claims

Prima Lusaniya CEO Prima Kardashi also ex-wife and baby mama of singer Geosteady has revealed she still loves radio presenter Mr. Henrie but she doesn’t miss him.

Prima and Mr. Henrie dated for just one year and they called it quits in 2022.

After their separation, Prima became close to her ex-hubby Geosteady they even released a new song where Prima was the video vixen.

However. on valentine’s day Geosteady decided to give all the flowers to his current girlfriend Hindu Kay.

Prima was asked in an interview if what Geosteady has done makes him miss Mr. Henrie she responded saying she doesn’t miss him but the love is still have his love.

Prima said she doesn’t see any hopes of them getting back together but they respect each other because they do business together.

“I still love Mr. Henrie but I don’t miss him. I can’t be there seated thinking about him all the time but people should know we have respect for one another,” Prima said.

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