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“You’ve never produced any hit song since we broke up,” Prima Kardashi trolls Geosteady

I MISSED YOU! Prima Kardashi, Geosteady reunite, chew eachother like there is no tomorrow

Singer Geosteady’s ex-wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi has trolled him about how much she has helped him get where he is despite not being appreciated.

On valentine’s day, Geosteady celebrated his current girlfriend Hindu Kay, and praised her for everything even what she didn’t do.

Prima as the ex-baby mama wasn’t happy about it and she took it to her social media platforms and revealed how she is the one that helped Geosteady make hit songs.

She said the latter didn’t have any song ever since their break up. He again made a hit song after them getting back together last year.

Prima Kardashi asked fans to stop trolling her because she has done a lot that other people haven’t done.

“From 2019 when we broke up love wins failed to produce a hit song lol _ those trolling my name shud just come kiss it. I gave u a successful show, some fans shud just keep quiet. 2023 i bet for another banga,” Prima Kardashi posted.

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