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“Buchaman used to give me a call everytime he sired child outside our marriage,” Mama Ghetto spills bean

Self-proclaimed ghetto president Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman’s wife known as Mama Ghetto real name Nangajja Claire has revealed shocking secrets about her marriage.

Buchaman and Mama Ghetto have been together for more than ten years and they have four children. But during their marriage, Buchaman has sired other children outside their marriage.

However, fear mama Ghetto! as many women continue to do unbelievable things after learning about their husbands having children outside their marriage, Buchaman’s wife is far different as she has always been there for his husband every time he get a child from another woman.

In a recent interview with local television, Mama Ghetto revealed that Buchaman has been so open when it comes to having children from different women.

Every time another lady gave birth, he would call her and inform her that there is a new member added to the family.

Like a supportive woman, Mama Ghetto would take in the information and make sure that child has a good relationship with Buchaman.

“Okwefuula ayagala abaana b’omusajja okumusigaza sikyagala. Buchaman yankubiranga essimu buli Iw’aba afunye omwana omuwere, era olw’okuba abaana abasinga balenzi baali beetaaga taata waabwe era nze ani okugaana omwana okukwatagana ne taata waabwe ela nneenyumiriza nnyo munze olw’okuleka abaana okumanya taata waabwe,” Maama Ghetto.

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