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Manager Dauda Kavuma Reveals Source of Money He Uses to Look After The Ghetto Kids

The Triplets Ghetto Kids manager Dauda Kavuma has spoken out about where he gets all the money to look after the children. He said he looks after so many kids and it is not that they all have talent. A few that dance earn money to look after the others.

Most of the ghetto kids are in school. Some of the pioneers are now working and others are at the university.

According to Dauda Kavuma, performing in Uganda doesn’t make them a lot of money. They have so many needs and their parents often ask for help themselves.

He said they have now resorted to building their social media platforms especially YouTube which earns them some extra money.

Mr. Kavuma also said some well-wishers like what they do and usually donate money to support their talent.

“Ensimbi zaffe tuzifuna okuva mu abaagala ebirungi. Obutambi bw’amazina okuva mu baana n’omukutu gwa YouTube’s” he said.

It should be noted that the Triplets Ghetto Kids were helped by Eddy Kenzo to be where they are. The song he did with them known as Sitya loss went so viral.

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