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SCREENSHOT: Spice Diana tears fan who told her to fix her teeth into pieces

Spice Diana

Singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajjara has no kind words for fans with negative perspectives about her especially those who attack her through social media.

Over the weekend, Spice Diana blasted her fan on Snapchat after she told her to go and fix her teeth and skin.

“Fix your teeth and skin.. I come in peace cz i mean you have the money to do that!,” a fan captioned Soice Diana’s photo.

The ‘Sili Regular’ hitmaker replied to her fan in a very angry way branding her a “fish”. She said her fans should know that her dreams are very bigger than just fixing her teeth and body.

Spice Diana told her fan that she has a family to look after and school fees to pay so her money is for important things only.

“Somebody tell this fish some of us our dreams are bigger than just fixing skin and teeth. We have families and kids that we have to take back to school, apartments to complete and more,” She replied.

“My money is for important this in life. I responded in peace,” Spice added.

Talented Spice Diana who is currently on a holiday in Zanzibar with her mother has joined the league of Winnie Nwagi, Gravity Omutujju who doesn’t let fans disrespect them, especially on social media.

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