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UMA Condemns Gravity Omutujju’s behavior towards Jose Chameleone after ruined Gwanga Mujje Concert

Gravity Omutujju celebrates ruined Jose Chameleone's Gwanga Mujje Contert

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) has released a statement condemning Gravity Omutujju’s behavior towards Jose Chameleone after rain ruined his Gwanga Mujje Concer.

This came after Gravity Omutujju celebrated when rain destroyed the long awaited ‘Gwanga Mujje’ concert stage to the extent of letting the concert be postponed.

According to UMA, they don’t think the act done by Gravity Omutujju is good. In the statement released, they said all this is unacceptable.

UMA said artistes need to be professional and sympathize with fellows who get into problems. The habit of celebrating is not okay at all.


“The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) vehemently condemns the recent posts made by Gravity Omutujju on his social media account, regarding the unfortunate incident involving Jose Chameleone and his concert. Such behaviour, which celebrates the misfortunes of others, is unacceptable and goes against good moral values.

We believe in promoting and upholding a high moral ground as a professional association. This means treating others with dignity and respect, regardless of personal differences or conflicts. Celebrating the failures of others is a manifestation of a lack of empathy and compassion, and it goes against the principles of sportsmanship and fairness.

UMA stands for unity and camaraderie among musicians, and such behaviour only divides and harms the community. All artists should strive to be positive role models for the public, promoting a culture of kindness and understanding.

We implore Gravity Omutujju and all artists to reconsider their actions and choose to promote positivity, instead of dwelling on negativity. UMA will continue to promote and celebrate the best qualities of our musicians and the contributions they make to society.

In conclusion, UMA firmly stands against any form of behaviour that promotes or celebrates the misfortunes of others. We encourage all artists to rise above such petty actions and maintain a high moral ground, in the spirit of mutual respect and unity. Management,” UMA posted.

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