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“My dad never gave me any money to start business,” Sheila lowers Frank Gashumba to rags

Media personality and social media influencer Sheilah Gashumba has dismissed claims that her father Frank Gashumba gave her money that started her new business the Gash Luxe.

Sheilah and her father Frank are very close after raising her as a single father.

She went through the best international schools and was ushered into the world of working at the early age of 8 years. Being a television presenter at an early age opened Sheilah’s course to success. Frank Gashumba kept beside her daughter to make sure she makes the right decisions for herself and her career.

Although she didn’t go to University, Sheilah has been more successful as she has worked for different media houses, build a brand for herself, and started up a number of businesses in town.

Now that she is more involved in business, in a recent interview she was asked about the role of her father in her successful businesses.

According to Sheila Gashumba, her father didn’t give her any money to start up a business. In fact, the father didn’t know anything about the business until two weeks before it’s opening.

“My father didn’t give me any money to start a business. I didn’t even tell him that I am about to start a business I only called him for a grand opening,” – Sheila Gashumba.

She advises young girls to follow their dreams and not let their fathers determine what they can or cannot do for their future

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