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“Never expect me to wear decently than I am, that’s me,” Pia Pounds tells off Fans

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Pia Pounds

Singer Pia Pounds real name Kirabo Tracy has told her fans to never expect a different Pia because she will never dress decently in her life.

Pia Pounds joined the music industry when she was still in school and young. But she didn’t make it to the top until she got to campus.

As she became popular, Pia Pounds came up with a different look of dressing in very skimpy clothes and see me through.

In her recent interview with local television, Pia Pounds revealed that she is not looking forward to changing anything about her lifestyle and Fashion. The fact that people like her in the beginning with the dress code.

“I don’t want my fans to be lied to or even confused, I will never change the way i dress. I started my career dressing indecently and I will keep on that. Don’t expect to see me in long clothes or anything else. My dress code is that one your see and it’s not changing at anytime,” Pia Pounds said.

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