Home Entertainment Rahmah Pinky breaks silence on feeding her sumbie to Sugar daddies

Rahmah Pinky breaks silence on feeding her sumbie to Sugar daddies

VIDEO: Rahmah Pinky finally speaks out about her failed marriage with sugar daddy

Former Team No Sleep artiste Rahmah Pinky has denied ever sleeping with sugar daddies in her life.

Rahmah Pinky is currently 18 years of age but she has been all over the place ever since she got signed on TNS after Sheebah left.

Talented Rahmah Pinky’s fame was controversial because it constantly includes men in it as they revealed she had an older man in her past who almost married her.

Even when Rahmah Pinky left Team No Sleep, it was said that men are some of the reasons why Jeff Kiwa let her go because she couldn’t control herself at all.

However, Rahmah Pinky has come out to clear the air. According to Rahmah Pinky, there’s no old man in her life and she has never dated a sugar daddy.

She added that haters are using that to put her down as a young Artiste but the reality is there is no old man dating her.

“I have never dated or slept with an old man or sugar daddy. I can’t stop people from speaking I will always listen to whatever they say but no truth. I am a young girl and I have a bright future ahead of me no word is going to put me down,” Rahma Pinky said

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