Home Entertainment “I don’t regret meeting Jeff Kiwa,” Rahmah Pinky laughs at critics

“I don’t regret meeting Jeff Kiwa,” Rahmah Pinky laughs at critics

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Raising diva Rahmah Pinky has revealed that she doesn’t regret meeting her former manager Team No Sleep boss, Jeff Kiwa.

Jeff Kiwa signed Rahmah Pinky last year immediately after he separated ways with Sheebah Kalungi who he was managing for more than 15 years.

Rahmah was said to be a replacement for Sheebah and she pushed to do better which resulted in her being a great artiste with hit songs in the year 2022.

But a few months after the signing, Rahmah Pinky and Jeff Kiwa separated ways. The reason behind the separation was said to be men but Rahma Pinky denied it.

According to Rahma Pinky, she learnt a lot from Swangz Avenue and she doesn’t regret being there at any time. She said being through such big people have impacted her life and she has nothing bad to say about it.

“I don’t regret meeting Jeff Kiwa or even getting signed on to Team No Sleep. I learnt a lot from there and I believe I have matured from there. I count my time there as part of my life and the good thing is I achieved something,” Rahma Pinky said.

It should be noted that Rahma Pinky’s first hit song ‘Picha’ was from Team No Sleep.

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