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“Promoters disrespect us because we’re new in the industry,” Kataleya and Kandle cry out

Raising music female duo Kataleya and Kandle have revealed that promoters disrespect them so much because they are young in the music industry.

Kataleya and Kandle started their musical journey in 2021 and ever since they have been hitting the streets with banger songs.

They are mostly known for their fashion both in their videos and in their normal life. However, that has nothing to do with their career.

Like any other artistes, music has become a huge business so they would like to get money from it as much as they put but being new promoters don’t value them.

In an interview with a local radio station, Kataleya and Kandle revealed that promoters are always telling them that they are giving them a platform yet they forget that they invest in it.

This is not the only artistes complaining about promoters because they have publically come out to say artistes should have a fixed price for their performances.

“Promoters disrespect us and don’t want to pay us to perform, they tell us they are giving us a platform and yet we have invested so much in being here.” Kataleya & Kandle official

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