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“I will never eat pork or drink alcohol again,” Lwasa finally gets saved after proposing to Muslim Kenyan fiancee

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Masaka city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel has vowed not to eat pork or drink alcohol after proposing to a Muslim new girlfriend.

Lwasa proposed to Haffie on Thursday, January 26, 2023, as he promised to be with her for the rest of his life.

Lwasa is known for being out in bars at night drinking and flashing money. He also eats pork like there is no tomorrow which is against the Islamic religion.

So as Lwasa is preparing to marry Haffie who is from a Muslim family, he has promised himself that he will not be in bars again or go to places that will attempt him to drink alcohol.

He said his heart is only on marriage and having the best of life with his new woman.

“I will not eat pork or drink alcohol again. Since I am marrying a Muslim I am forgetting all those that attempt him to get off track. Lwasa said he is not seeing any other woman again. Because he is at the age of settling since he has the right woman,” Lwasa revealed.

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