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“Keep resting well my love, We miss you,” Lilian Mbabazi pens down heartwarming letter celebrating late hubby’s birthday

Former Blue3 singer Lilian Mbabazi has celebrated the late husband and daddy baby Mowzey Radio’s birthday with a message full of love.

Radio and Lilian Mbabazi have two children together. By the time Mowzey died, he was deeply in love With Lilian Mbabazi as his official wife although he had another white woman whom he fathered a baby with.

Despite another woman in the way, the love between Lilian Mbabazi and Mowzey Radio kept real and pure until the time of his death.

As he adds another year, Lilian Mbabazi is not forgetting to celebrate him and shower him with love wherever he is at the moment.

Lilian with Radio’s children.

According to Lilian, she will always choose to celebrate Mowzey Radio. One of the reasons is she has children because of him and the music industry is where it is because of him.

Lilian Mbabazi said she misses Mowzey Radio so much but hopefully he keeps resting in peace.

“I will always choose to celebrate the day Moses was born. Because he was born, I had my children🤗because he was born,I met him🥰, because he was born, music in Uganda was changed💃🏾,because he was born, many musicians have been inspired💯 Happy birthday my love. ❤️❤️❤️ Keep resting well my love. We miss you 🥰,” Lillian Mbabazi

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