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Singer Weasel reveals why he trimmed off his dreadlocks it

Weasel Manizo new look fires up netizens
Weasel Manizo

Singer Weasel of the duo Radio and Weasel real name Douglas Mayanja has revealed why he decided to cut off his dreadlocks.

Weasel had his dreadlocks for some years but recently he decided to shave his hair and people are wondering why he made such a decision.

According to Weasel, cutting off dreads doesn’t take away the fact that he is still the Weasel Manizo people have always known. The reason why he decided to chop them off is his wife and best friend late Mowzey Radio.

Weasel said he cut off dreads towards the birthday and the day Mowzey Radio died because he was to look like h by the time of his death. He said he believes Mowzey is looking over him and is always pushing him to do his best.

Another reason for cutting off his dreads is his introduction ceremony which is in the pipeline. Weasel said he is to be introduced by his girlfriend Sandra Teta to her parents in Rwanda and he has to look good for that day and representable hence cutting off the dreads.

“You all see I look even more good without dreads. I have been having these dreadlocks for so long but I have decided to remove them for two reasons. One is I want to look like my brother Mozey Radio, by the time of his death he had shaved his hair and this week and next week are his weeks. Then another is I am going to marry. I need to be looking good on my introduction ceremony,” Weasel revealed.

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