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I am the Leonardo da Vinci of Uganda Music Industry – Singer Nince Henry claims

Nince Henry brands himself ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ of Uganda’s music creativity

Singer and songwriter Nince Henry is rating himself higher after branding himself the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ of Uganda’s music industry.

Nince Henry has been in the music industry for some good time and he has managed to make hit songs and made others shine due to his skilled music writing skills.

Most of the songs that he writes for fellow musicians turn up to be hit and have been enjoyed topping the music charts in the land.

Now that people are not easily appreciated in the music industry, Nince Henry has decided to appreciate himself by ranking himself higher than any other person in the creative industry.

Nince Henry revealed that he was close to the late Mozey Radio and the two are all good at writing and deserve a legendary crown.

“We all know how good I am when it comes to the music industry. I can write and sing at the same time. I have written hit songs and i can rank myself the Leonard DaVinci of Uganda,” Nince Henry said.

Leonardo DaVinci is an Italian artist responsible for paintings like Monalisa etc which are valued at a very high price because of their creativity.

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