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“If you miss Daniella, find her on Instagram,” Jose Chameleon tells off fans

Jose - wife DANIELLA

Singer Jose Chameleone real name Joseph Mayanja has responded to fans asking about his wife Danielle Atim saying they should find her on Instagram.

Fans were asking Jose Chameleone if the wife will show up in his upcoming ‘Gwanga Mujje’ concert slated for February this year.

Jose Chameleone and his wife haven’t been on the same page for some time now. The wife and children left Uganda for the United States of America (USA) and they have never come back.

Although Chameleone has continued to refute their divorce allegations, Danielle’s Instagram posts have show they are nolonger an item.

Now Jose Chameleone is telling fans to find her on Instagram if they need her because that’s where she always communicates from.

“When Shaggy is coming to perform, he does not come with his wife. When Bebe Cool comes to his show, you do not demand to see Zuena Kirema . If you miss Mama Abba, get her number, look for her on Instagram and have your chats there,” Jose Chameleone’s response when asked about Maama Abba’s attendance at Gwanga Mujje.

When the singer was on spot for beating a Boda Boda rider who allegedly scratched his Range Rover, Danielle pinned the point that her baby daddy should be held accountable for his deeds.

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